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Mount Athos is the ark of Orthodoxy. It includes twenty Holy Monasteries and other monastic institutions such as hermitages, cells and seats and is today the largest and most important monastic State of the Orthodox Church with a centuries-old tradition. Crib and cradle of Orthodoxy. Here beats the heart of Orthodoxy for the entire Ecumenical.

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The Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi, is one of the oldest Monasteries, which are preserved to this day. It is built on the homonymous coast of the Athos peninsula, which today is called Mount Athos. It occupies the second place in the hierarchy of the Monasteries of Mount Athos and by general admission it is one of the most beautiful Monasteries of Mount Athos and in the Greek area.


It was built in the 4th century and contributed to the difficult times of the Turkish rule, participating both actively in the process of preserving national and religious consciousness by creating educational centers of the time such as the Athoniada school, as well as in the national struggle by contributing financially and being a center of retreat and refuge for the fighters. Today he offers important charity work around the world helping a multitude of foundations and church organizations.


According to tradition, a small church was built by Constantine the Great in the 4th century on the site where the Vatopaidi Monastery is today. This little church was destroyed a few years later by Julian the Transgressor to be restored by Theodosius the Great, when his son Arkadios was miraculously rescued by the Blessed Virgin Mary after a shipwreck. According to tradition, the sea brought him to the spot where the Vatopedi Monastery is today in a miraculous way, where he was finally found sleeping next to a reed, hence the name reed-child.

During the 10th century, according to the biographer of Athanasios the Athonite, three lords from Adrianople wanted to become monks. They offered 9,000 gold coins to the Holy Monastery of Megistis Lavra. Saint Athanasios himself urged them to build a new monastery again, indicating the location of the current Vatopedi Monastery which had been destroyed a few years before. Thus, from a document of the First of Mount Athos, dated in the year 985, we know today that already at the end of the 10th century, there was an abbot in the Monastery named Nikolaos, which is also the oldest official written testimony about the foundation of the Monastery Vatopediou.

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