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TPL uses the SSL protocol, 256bit encrypted (the most powerful today), for secure online trading. In this way all of your personal information, including credit card information, name and address, is encrypted and protected so that it cannot be read or changed during Internet transfer. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is now the global Internet standard and most reliable technology for secure transactions and privacy of communications over the Internet worldwide, as well as being the certification of websites for web users, it is also used to encrypt data between network users and network servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the accepting software, thus protecting personal information during transfer. In addition, all information sent by the SSL protocol, is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies if the data has been changed in transit. SSL coding starts at 40bit. We use 256bit encryption which is one trillion times more complex, and therefore safer for the protection of your personal data than that of 40bit. The secure communications system of banking institutions with which TPL cooperates is certified by the company Verisign, an internationally recognized leader in the field of protecting data and transactions over the Internet. Each time you enter a secure page comprising transaction data, Verisign displays a yellow lock on the bottom right of your screen, which shows you, while confirming that your transaction is protected. Furthermore, you are certain that you have moved to a safe (secure) page of a website because the "location" or "url" at the top of the page (where you write the address of the site) begins with "https" instead of "http" (the "s" means "secure"). These show that the transmission of personal data (name, address, credit card, etc.) is encrypted so it cannot be understood by others.


The security offered by TPL is certified in cooperation with the banking institutions providing the online payment system, with Verisign, which provides control of the digital certificate security Secure Server Certificate. Digital certificates validate website security and enable it to secure communication between the website and anyone who wishes to navigate it. The Secure Server Certificate offers users safety and easy access to TPL transactions. The Secure Server Certificate automatically certifies that the website of the cooperating bank agencies of TPL are legitimate. The stamp is a guarantee that the content and information of the site is perfectly legitimate.


Additional security of electronic transactions through credit cards is provided by the security system of each banking organization (ProxyPay ³ of Eurobank, PayPal, etc.). Thus, for purchases via credit card, the customer is automatically transferred to the secure server of the banking organization. All data which is transferred electronically from the customer (credit card) to the banking organization, as well as their transfer to VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc. is protected by the abovementioned 256-bit encryption algorithm SSL. In this case, credit card details are not stored anywhere, only used during verification and charging. Therefore, credit card transactions with TPL are perfectly safe. TPL does not collect or store in any way your credit card information, which is why you need to re-enter the details each time you use your credit card on this site.


Personal safety also includes the password you provide when you become a member of TPL together with the username. To reveal any personal information, you must first provide your username and password. Therefore, you must keep this the data safe from the hands of others. Adoption of the 256bit encryption SSL Protocol (Verisign), digital certificate security, the application of firewalls, antivirus, and constant monitoring of servers by qualified personnel offer the highest levels of safety and ensure secure transactions at all levels. If however, you still have reservations or have any questions about Internet safety please contact us.

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