TPL joined the GRECA (Hellenic Association for Electronic Commerce) in mid-2017 in line with the new market trends and the growing dynamic e-business.


The Hellenic Association of Electronic Commerce (GRECA) is the national body for the rapidly growing area of e-commerce industry. Being a reference point, all companies / members have to be informed directly about developments and receive statistics, information and data that helps them make decisions according to topicality. The GRECA signal, guarantee the acceptance and observance of the Code of Conduct by all member companies.

In March 2015 the GRECA agreed to become a member of the European Agency for electronic commerce «eCommerce Europe». With its accession to the eCommerce Europe, the GRECA will now be at the heart of European developments for the e-commerce industry.


The primary purpose of the Association is to safeguard and promote the common interests of its members and in general of the Electronic Commerce industry.

Having centered the above main purpose, the Association has set itself the target (1) the culture of cooperation among its members, which will help the development of electronic commerce and reinforce the existence of good practices. (2) The education of members in e-business issues, and (3) Promotion of Electronic Commerce to the general public by supporting the bodies involved in the industry. Finally (4) To contribute to the protection of both members, and the general public by promoting the quality and reliability of services and products.

Finally, the Association wants to highlight good practices and to enhance the sense of consumer confidence in electronic commerce.


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